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Bangkok to Siem Reap: Our guide


Today we’re leaving Bangkok, and Thailand too. Our 30 day visas expire tomorrow, and we don’t want to out stay our welcome.

We’re moving on to Cambodia, and first up is the city of Siem Reap where we plan to explore Angkor Wat, sample some of the delicious food and hopefully meet some lovely locals.

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Khob khun ka Thailand!


After four incredible weeks in Thailand, Friday was our last day in the country. We spent our last day taking in all that Bangkok had to offer, a place we’d become strangely very fond of.


Bangkok: take two

Although Thailand was a country included in our round-the-world ticket itinerary, in all honesty, it was probably the country that least excited us. Many of our friends had been to Thailand and had said wonderful things about it, but likewise we’d heard and read lots of horror stories about the seedy side to the country, the scams and tales of people being robbed, kidnapped and jailed that it had made us somewhat nervous about our upcoming trip. Looking back and knowing what we know now, maybe we’d just watched far too much “Banged Up Abroad”!


We met this chap whilst out running in Lumphini Park - he showed us the Monitor Lizards and gave us an impromptu Thai lesson!

Like any country, in Thailand you do need to have your wits about you as there are a lot of scams which could trip up even the most well-travelled backpacker. When we first arrived in Thailand we had our guards well and truly up and whenever we were offered help or approached by a friendly stranger we’d politely dismiss them for the fear of being swindled. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learnt during our time here is that not EVERYONE is out to get you – in fact the majority of people are well meaning and actually want to help you.

Except for taxi drivers that is – the majority of them have no sodding idea where they are going, can’t find their way round a map and have a well deserved reputation for being pretty clueless (third in the world in fact!).

Thailand’s tuk-tuk and taxi drivers may drive you nuts at times, things might not work quite the way you expect them to and the traffic system might be just a little bit insane, but we’ve come to realise this is all part of its charm! We’re so glad we decided to add Thailand to our list of countries – it’s been an amazing experience and we have so many great memories of our time here.


I’m currently writing this from the comfort (or should I say ‘discomfort’?) of our early morning (5.55am) train from Bangkok to Cambodia so that we can begin the next part of our adventure. It’s an old wooden train, third-class with no air-con and it takes six hours (a Thai six hours, naturally!)…I think our lives as flashpackers have taken a tumble. Despite reading lots of advice from the likes of Travelfish about passing through border control we’re not too sure how it’s going to work out as it all sounds rather complicated. Oh well here goes…

Khob khun ka (thank you) Thailand!